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Monday, November 11, 2019

OxygenOS 10 Q For Pocophone F1 Beryllium From Oneplus 6 Flash Guide

November 11, 2019 0
In this post, i am going share the very early builds of OxygenOS 10 Q For Pocophone F1 Beryllium. As you all might know OxygenOS is the stock rom of Oneplus devices. OxygenOS is one of the best and smooth custom android skin, which also nearly looks like the stock Android skin but better. So, this post is only for the Xiaomi Pocophone F1, if you tried to flash it in other devices, you will end up bricking your device. In the post below is some brief information about the rom iteself, bugs, and flashing guide in simple steps. So lets get started.

Everyone would be wondering if the rom is any usable and how stable is it. Therefore below is what's perfectly working and what is not working on this rom.
So everything that works are working without any issues.
Dark mode
Ambient display
Not working or bugs.
Hotspot does not enable
And no face unlock

Now lets move on to the part where we actually flash OxygenOS 10 on our Beryllium. But before that,

Things you should know before flashing OxygenOS 10 Q For Pocophone F1 Beryllium
  • Your device should have unlocked bootloader
  • I am assuming you have TWRP installed
  • You should be on firmware (91MB) (Flash using TWRP)
  • Magisk is already included in the rom
  • GCam is preinstalled

And that's all. Links are all at the end of this post.

Now assuming you have TWRP already installed, lets get flashing.
  • Copy the downloaded rom files (3 parts zip of rom and 1 firmware zip)
  • Boot into TWRP or whatever custom recovery you using
  • Wipe everthing including Dalvik, Cache, Data, Internal storage, System etc
  • Goto to install tab and first flash firmware (91MB) zip if not already
  • Now install the rom zips one by one according to numbers
  • After flashing is complete reboot to system
  • And we are done.

Download OxygenOS 10 Q For Pocophone F1 Beryllium From Oneplus 6 (1.4 GB) (324 MB) (15 MB) firmware (91 MB)


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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Samsung A10 SM-A105F Eng Modem File

November 07, 2019 1
In this post i am going to share Samsung SM-A105F eng modem file with you. If you are looking for eng modems files then you probably know what, and why we need eng modem file. But in case if you dont know anything about it i am gonna make it clear to you in some minutes. So this post is strictly for Samsung A10 SM-A105F and if you tried to flash this file on devices other than this, i am not gonna be responsible for what might be the outcome. Now without any delay lets get to the main point of our post.

What and why to flash Samsung SM-A105F eng modem file ?

If you know the answer then its your need but don't then i am going to tell you. So basically eng modem file is for unlocking network locks and repairing network issues on a Samsung device. Yeah you heard it right. Eng modem can unlock network locks which are implemented by network operators on your device. After applying eng modem on your device, you will be able to use whatever carrier you want as your operator. Also if you modem partition is damaged and no network is being supported on your device then this file will surely save you some bucks if you flashed it correctly.

How to flash Samsung SM-A105F eng modem  file ?

  • Install Samsung drivers
  • Open odin
  • Select the eng modem file on CP button
  • Put phone into download mode
  • Press Volume down and power key same time for download mode
  • Insert USB cable, phone will show up on odin
  • Click on start
  • After finishing phone will reboot
  • And you are done.

Samsung  SM-A105F eng modem file Information:
Model:  SM-A105F
File name: A105FXXU2ASF2_ENG_modem_BoxWares.tar.md5
Size: 35.21 MB
Version: A105FXXU2ASF2

Download Samsung SM-A105F Eng Modem File

And now you know about Samsung SM-A105F eng modem file and the use of eng modem file. If you think i was able to help you in anyway, or if you enjoyed my post, i would love to hear from you. Any kind of suggestions or advice is always welcomed. Leave a comment below i will definetaly reply.
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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Oppo A5 (2020) CPH 1931 Password Pin Reset File

November 06, 2019 17
Hello there, once again we are at it. Today we have brought you the Oppo A5 (2020) CPH 1931 password, pin reset flash file here on this post. We provide free support and solutions for mobile repairing, so be sure to visit us regularly. By any chance if you have forgotten your device's lock code then this is your day. I mean not entirely but we are here to get you out of that misery. OK so without further ado lets dig into the solution.

The device we are talking about today is Oppo A5 (2020) and the issue is about forgotten password or pin. The solution simply is to clean flash the firmware. By doing so the user data partition will be erased and your locks will be removed. The file which we are talking about is the official firmware of Oppo A5 (2020) which is obtained from official Oppo service center FTP service. And that means there wont be any risk of your device being hard bricked. Here is the link for that file.

Download Oppo A5 (2020) CPH 1931 Password Pin Reset Flash File

The above file can fix a lot of issues along side resetting user locks which was forgotten. Flashing this firmware will actively fix stuck on logo, constant rebooting, lagging device and much more. This file can only be flashed via official Oppo flashing tool, which is also provided by Oppo itself. You will need to follow this basic guide to successfully flash it on your device. Below are some simple steps to perform the task.
  • Extract the downloaded zip file
  • Run the Oppo MSM Tool.
  • Use your login info to get flash interface
  • Load the firmware on tool if not already
  • Turn off your phone
  • Press both volume keys and connect to PC
  • After detecting phone click on Start
  • After flashing is done reboot your device
  • Done.
Like this you should be able to flash without faceing any kind of issue. If you encounter any problems just let me know in the comments, i will gladly help you. Also show some support by liking our Facebook page at least comment. I really hope that my posts are helping someone even if its only one person.

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Samsung SM-N975F Touch Not Working Fix Firmware

November 06, 2019 0

Ahh !! Another day, another issue exists and we got the solution for you. We are talking about Samsung SM-N975F Touch Not Working Fix Firmware here. So guys lets keep it rolling here. Today we will be talking about how we can fix the touch not responding problem on the all new Samsung Note Plus, while updating the software security patch. I can assure you that this the last stop for your huge issue, which is not that huge to be honest or in my opinion. So why are we waiting and for what?

So, a little background on this new issue we got here. Some days ago, last Sunday to be exactly, i got a device which we needed to replace the display because it was broken. After we done doing our thing, you know just replacing the digitizer. We got a weird problem, and that was this new touch not working. We thought it might be damaged beforehand so we went to replace it again, but again the same results, wait what, i was like that. Then we felt like we had a deja vu, and remembered that it was the same old problem with this new cloth. And that's how we figured it out. Now lets head to main point and the reason why you are here. To get the touch fixing firmware and the way to flash it on your device.

A little side note, even if you have not the exact issue as this posts title says, we know that you ain't here just to read our rubbish post and waste your time (HA... HA... HA...). Yeap you got it right. This file is also able to fix other software related problems. Below are some of those issues but they ain't limited to that.
  • Fix DRK
  • Remove rootkit/malwares
  • Fix custom binary blocked by FRP
  • Stuck on recovery mode/download mode
  • Fix touch not working
  • Fix software upgrade encountered a problem
  • Fix Kies mode Stuck
Now that we known some common issues it can handle lets move on to the part where we will guide to flash it on your device step by step. If you got into any kind of confusions or faced any other new issues just let me know on the comment. You know i will be watching you (Hmmmm).
  • Grab Odin and the firmware from links below
  • Extract the firmware and Odin
  • Put your device into download mode (you know, right?)
  • Load the firmware on AP button of Odin
  • Connect your device with USB cable
  • After device is shown on Odin
  • Press on start button.
  • It will take some time
  • After completion your device will reboot
  • And you touch will breath again
Small tip: Use 7-zip to extract the firmware, Winrar doesn't support the 7z format. As i have always said Winrar is for weaks anyway.

Download Samsung SM-N975F Official Firmware

Alright like always now, lets get to the point where you will be commenting and telling me about your thoughts on this post. If got any advice or want to pour a lot of angry expressions, all are welcome. So Keep then raining and gotta go bye.
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Lenovo a7000 Dead Solution With Official Firmware

November 06, 2019 0

Hello there, we provide all kind of software solutions with 100% working firmware. So, be sure to check the rest of our posts. Today in this post we will be talking about how we can fix the hard bricked Lenovo a7000 which we caused or corrupted firmware or any kind of other negligence while performing this sensitive task. Anyway so today we are here to fix that device of yours. So without any talking lets get to work. 

So to fix our device we will need to know exactly what kind of symptoms we are getting, and we had done to achieve (pun intended) this kind of issue. You should note that if your device is not turning on and at the same time only vibrating while trying to power it on. I mean even if your device is dead, it should at least give a little vibrate response while trying to turning it on. If this is the case, follow the rest of the post without any worries.

This flash file will not only fix your hard bricked device but it also should be able to remove all kind all user locks including face lock if any such feature was set. Anyway below are some of the issues it can solve.
  • For sure hard brick fix / dead vibrate only fix
  • Reset user locks including fingerprint and face lock
  • Fix black or white only display issue
  • Reset FRP lock
  • etc
OK, now you should have gotten the slight power of this firmware, now we will move on to the next step. The one for which you are hopelessly reading the above rubbish (lol, xD). Below is the way to get your firmware and also the way to apply it on your device successfully fixing it.

Lenovo a7000 Dead Solution Firmware Flashing Steps

First things first, get the firmware using the below link and as usual follow these steps.
  • Extract firmware and SP flash tool on a folder
  • Select the scatter file from firmware folder on tool
  • After firmware is loaded, select Format + Download
  • Now click on download, turn off your device
  • Insert USB cable and connect to PC
  • Flashing will start, will take some time
  • After completing successfully, take out the battery
  • Now the moment of truth, try to power it on
  • Annnnnd Voila ! Your device is fixed
Yeah take your time to appreciate me and my hard working, that has given you the power to fix your device without spending a penny. And now i will log off. See you soon on our next post, where i will be posting some good materials.

Yeah about the link totally forgot, get it down below.

Download Lenovo a7000 Dead Solution With Official Firmware (Use 7-zip, Winrar is for weaks, jk:) )

If you though i was punny on this post, consider supporting me by commenting below, or i am gonna get really furious. Anyway love you all.
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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Realme 3 Pro RMX1851 Flash file Firmware

November 05, 2019 0

In this post i am sharing the most demanded and important flash file which for the device Realme 3 Pro. The firmware i am sharing here is the official firmware file provided by the Oppo service center. Our site provides top notch guaranteed tested and working flash files. We try make our articles clean and straight forward as much as possible. Follow the below guide to successfully flash your device.

Lets take a brief tour on the device hardware. Realme 3 Pro is a device with dual camera with 16MP main shooter. It is powered by sd710 Soc from qualcomm and comes in 4/6GB of Ram and 64/128GB of internal storage respectively. It runs Android Pie out of the box and is planned to get Android 10. The device hardware looks pretty solid on paper and should easily handle heaving tasks such as gaming and multi-tasking. Now lets get to the main point of our article on get on to our flashing process.

Flashing Guide For Realme 3 Pro RMX 1851

  • Download the flash file from below
  • Extract the files in a folder
  • Run Oppo msm tool
  • Use your login info to login
  • Firmware is automatically loaded
  • Turn off your phone
  • Connect phone using USB cable whilst pressing both volume buttons
  • Phone will show up on com port list
  • Click on Start and wait some time
  • And flashing is done.
The firmware i am sharing here are all tested and working. So don't be in any kind of unnecessary doubts. Below are some of the firmware features that will help you to fix many kinds of software issues you are facing. So get a look at the below points and proceed.

Firmware features of Realme 3 Pro

  • Fix white display  
  • Fix dead vibrate only 
  • Reset user lock including pin, password, pattern etc
  • Fix stuck on logo/boot loop
  • Remove malwares and rootkits
  • Reset FRP lock etc.
Download Realme 3 Pro RMX1851 Flash file

Comment below if you need any kind of assistance.

Any kind of queries, comments or suggestions are welcomed. You can either comment below directly or mail us using the contact page on our site. Hope this article has helped, so please support us by sharing our article and leaving a comment.
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Monday, November 4, 2019

Realme X CPH1901 Offical Flash file

November 04, 2019 0

This post will guide you to get the official firmware of Realme X and perform successful flashing of your device. Our site provides many different brands software and hardware repairing solution including this Realme brand. The firmware on this article i am sharing is obtained from the official FTP service of Realme and are all tested/working. This firmware will help you fix many software related problems including vibrate only which is cause by flashing wrong version of software on devices.

The firmware can only be flashed through official Realme flashing tool like on Oppo devices. If it's in your interest the Realme X is powered by Snapdragon 710 with various memory configurations. It runs ColorOS 6 on top of Android 9 Pie and is on the list to get Android 10.

Realme X CPH1901 Offical Flash file Uses

This flash file is able to solve all kinds of software related issues. By flashing this file you wont void your warranty and also if your device is bricked previously by flashing wrong file it will revive the device. Below are some common issues that can be solved by this file.
  • Reset user locks like pin, pattern, password
  • Fix boot loop and stuck on logo
  • Malware infections/rootkit
  • Vibrate only fix
  • White/black display etc.

Realme X CPH1901 Offical Flash file flashing guide

  • Extract the downloaded files in a folder on Desktop
  • Run Oppo MSM Tool.
  • Login using your credentials
  • Your firmware will be loaded automatically
  • Power off your phone
  • Connect phone using USB cable whilst pressing both volume buttons
  • Phone will be detected on flash Tool
  • Click on Start
  • After flashing is done
  • Reboot your device and all finished.
Download Realme X CPH1901 Offical Flash file

The above article with the flashing guide should be easily understandable to all novice and expert users. If you face any issues or any kind of other issues related to mobile repairing, do not hesitate to write us any time. If you think my article has helped you in any way, to show some support please comment or share our article.
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