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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Lenovo a7000 Dead Solution With Official Firmware


Hello there, we provide all kind of software solutions with 100% working firmware. So, be sure to check the rest of our posts. Today in this post we will be talking about how we can fix the hard bricked Lenovo a7000 which we caused or corrupted firmware or any kind of other negligence while performing this sensitive task. Anyway so today we are here to fix that device of yours. So without any talking lets get to work. 

So to fix our device we will need to know exactly what kind of symptoms we are getting, and we had done to achieve (pun intended) this kind of issue. You should note that if your device is not turning on and at the same time only vibrating while trying to power it on. I mean even if your device is dead, it should at least give a little vibrate response while trying to turning it on. If this is the case, follow the rest of the post without any worries.

This flash file will not only fix your hard bricked device but it also should be able to remove all kind all user locks including face lock if any such feature was set. Anyway below are some of the issues it can solve.
  • For sure hard brick fix / dead vibrate only fix
  • Reset user locks including fingerprint and face lock
  • Fix black or white only display issue
  • Reset FRP lock
  • etc
OK, now you should have gotten the slight power of this firmware, now we will move on to the next step. The one for which you are hopelessly reading the above rubbish (lol, xD). Below is the way to get your firmware and also the way to apply it on your device successfully fixing it.

Lenovo a7000 Dead Solution Firmware Flashing Steps

First things first, get the firmware using the below link and as usual follow these steps.
  • Extract firmware and SP flash tool on a folder
  • Select the scatter file from firmware folder on tool
  • After firmware is loaded, select Format + Download
  • Now click on download, turn off your device
  • Insert USB cable and connect to PC
  • Flashing will start, will take some time
  • After completing successfully, take out the battery
  • Now the moment of truth, try to power it on
  • Annnnnd Voila ! Your device is fixed
Yeah take your time to appreciate me and my hard working, that has given you the power to fix your device without spending a penny. And now i will log off. See you soon on our next post, where i will be posting some good materials.

Yeah about the link totally forgot, get it down below.

Download Lenovo a7000 Dead Solution With Official Firmware (Use 7-zip, Winrar is for weaks, jk:) )

If you though i was punny on this post, consider supporting me by commenting below, or i am gonna get really furious. Anyway love you all.

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