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Monday, November 11, 2019

OxygenOS 10 Q For Pocophone F1 Beryllium From Oneplus 6 Flash Guide

In this post, i am going share the very early builds of OxygenOS 10 Q For Pocophone F1 Beryllium. As you all might know OxygenOS is the stock rom of Oneplus devices. OxygenOS is one of the best and smooth custom android skin, which also nearly looks like the stock Android skin but better. So, this post is only for the Xiaomi Pocophone F1, if you tried to flash it in other devices, you will end up bricking your device. In the post below is some brief information about the rom iteself, bugs, and flashing guide in simple steps. So lets get started.

Everyone would be wondering if the rom is any usable and how stable is it. Therefore below is what's perfectly working and what is not working on this rom.
So everything that works are working without any issues.
Dark mode
Ambient display
Not working or bugs.
Hotspot does not enable
And no face unlock

Now lets move on to the part where we actually flash OxygenOS 10 on our Beryllium. But before that,

Things you should know before flashing OxygenOS 10 Q For Pocophone F1 Beryllium
  • Your device should have unlocked bootloader
  • I am assuming you have TWRP installed
  • You should be on firmware (91MB) (Flash using TWRP)
  • Magisk is already included in the rom
  • GCam is preinstalled

And that's all. Links are all at the end of this post.

Now assuming you have TWRP already installed, lets get flashing.
  • Copy the downloaded rom files (3 parts zip of rom and 1 firmware zip)
  • Boot into TWRP or whatever custom recovery you using
  • Wipe everthing including Dalvik, Cache, Data, Internal storage, System etc
  • Goto to install tab and first flash firmware (91MB) zip if not already
  • Now install the rom zips one by one according to numbers
  • After flashing is complete reboot to system
  • And we are done.

Download OxygenOS 10 Q For Pocophone F1 Beryllium From Oneplus 6 

OOS-Q-SemiStable-Poco-zip-1_of_3.zip (1.4 GB)
OOS-Q-SemiStable-Poco-zip-2_of_3_v2.zip (324 MB)
OOS-Q-SemiStable-Poco-zip-3_of_3.zip (15 MB) firmware (91 MB)



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